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Absolute No List

I began reading Cheryl Richardson’s latest book, Extreme Self Care. I love the idea of an absolute no list. I love having permission to say no in a kind but firm way. Here’s my list:

I Say No To:

  1. I will not rush. My life for a few years has been more rush than slow and steady.
  2. Jump out of bed in the morning doing for others. I want to take my time and find the peace in the day, the serenity.
  3. Compromise my needs to keep peace with anyone.
  4. Argue with people who see debating as a sport.
  5. Keep anything of mine in this house that I don’t need and love.
  6. Keep my mouth shut when someone is out of line.
  7. Tolerate or participate in gossip.
  8. Keep my thoughts to myself when they don’t align with those of others in my life.
  9. Invest time in relationships that aren’t aligned with who I am and who I aspire to be.
  10. Finish reading books that lose my interest.
  11. Get caught up in other people’s drama.
  12. Feel an obligation to spend time with people who choose to live in chaos.
  13. Feel bad about saying no when no is best for me.


Ann Hite is the author of two novels and a novella. Her debut novel, Ghost On Black Mountain, became a Townsend Prize Finalist and won Georgia Author of the Year in 2012. Her newest Black Mountain novel, Where The Souls Go, will be released by Mercer University Press in September 2015. She is an active board member of the Georgia Writers Association. Ann lives in Marietta, Georgia.

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